Thank-you notes!

From the book “Who Will Cry When You Die?” by Robin Sharma

“The things that are easy to do are also the things that are not easy to do.”

The act of simple gestures will have a tremendous impact on the lives of the people who are most deserving.

The pace of everyone’s life speeds up as the years’ pass on and as the technology advances with more things to keep people in touch, the profound art of writing “Thank- you notes” has its own prominence.

Everybody loves getting a mail or a text message. We all have a deep need to feel special and important. It’s a fact and it’s just the nature of being a human. With all that is going on and with all the advancements, sure it’s easy to type a mail or a text message with your phone. But, writing something that you’re grateful and thankful for, takes a lot of time.

But few small and simple gestures have the power to build strong relationships like a heartfelt letter of thanks. It tells that you care and have lots of respect and love to the person you are writing to. Besides that, a heartfelt letter shows how much emotions(in this case, it’s happiness) you have while you write and also reveals your integrity.

Spend some time and write thank-you notes to your loved ones. You- and all the people you deal with- will be glad you did.

“Never be too busy to be kind.”

“Be slow to criticise and fast to appreciate.”

“The way we do small things determines the way we do everything.” 

So, go out there and start writing your thank-you notes. I’ve started, have you? 😉 🙂


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