The capacity of two individuals

The tales of victory and growth, failures and struggles, joys and sorrows have been recounted and witnessed many times over in the lives of every human being. Achieving a goal is not that hard and not so easy either, it’s just simple. It just takes some patience and the will to keep moving forward despite the difficulties.

Here, just let me share a tale of two of my friends, who graduated from SaIT and started a small business.

“The feeling you get from a run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.”

A conventional lad who begins his career as an undergraduate in any colleges always has his mind fixed, “to get a job in a big company and to get settled”. Yet, there are the ones who always wanted to build a business and carry on with that. Few want to build empires, few just for complacency and personal interest in a particular field.

One of my close friends always wanted to get a job in a company. When I met him in his first year, he was timid. He was also a settled kind of a person. The other was quite contradictory. Confident and bold, and an adventurer. As the days turned into months and months into years, my shy friend started to transcend. He became more and more confident and improved. And he eventually became a celebrity among our friends. Never I would have known that the minds of those two would cross paths and later on turn into a common interest.

Most of the brilliant minds in this world are self-taught. They are the ones who run the billion dollar company. They are engaged with constant learning and self-development.

“If you want to double your income, triple your investments in learning.”

That is what they did, they tripled their time in learning and they were able to teach me and my friends the software programs that we were enigmatic. Simple yet catchy.

At the course of the final year, most tend to go to project institutes to get our project done. But, these two along with two of my other friends formed a team and took the challenge upon themselves and relied only on their intuition and knowledge to finish their final year project. Their plan of actions and execution was simply flawless.

But, the flawless execution turned sideways and got the best of them during their final exams. The fault wasn’t in their project execution, it was all in the electricity that overloaded the circuit and fried it. Those are one of the things that they’ll never ever forget. (Happy-sad memories, mixed emotions)

It’s true what they say, “Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune”.

After graduation, few got jobs and few went to their hometowns, few even got married. For almost a year they didn’t know what to do and were trying for jobs but their attempts were in ruins.  Finally, a breakthrough occurred when both of them decided to take on Embedded Systems as their field of study. It was for a year. Both prevailed. They both are like technological geeks in our friend circle.

But the actual breakthrough never happened until they both decided to something different, apart from regular jobs. That is when they co-founded BluTroKonix, an organisation that provides all embedded based solution and conduct workshops for training the students for a better tomorrow.

But their first-year didn’t have any major breakthrough. They only had one project to go about. With ideas and experience began the trial and error of the software code. They’ve had sleepless nights and endless strives to get the project working properly. And all those efforts paid off one day when the project they were mentoring won a runner-up prize at a national level competition among 200+ other projects.

In their second year, they got some decent number of projects to work on and mentor upon. And then, the magic happened again. One of their projects got a cash prize at a national level competition. That was two in a row, two consecutive triumphs.

“All the hard work, all the sacrifices, all the sleepless nights, struggles, downfall, it all pays off.”

“Google will give you ‘n’ number of results, not a perfect solution. You need to make the ‘n’ number which is infinite into ‘n-1’, the finite ways to find your solution in your own way”

– CEO & Co-founder of BluTroKonix


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