Advice to my adolescent

We age as the days pass by. I am so happy and grateful for the life I have now. I am very intrigued on what my life brings next. Challenges, friends, family, knowledge; I feel ready. Moments in my past life were fun and some were pretty much filled with resent. If I were to jump back in time and counsel my younger-self, This is what it would be.

Spend time getting to know yourself: As I grew up I never knew that I was good at the hobbies I have now. Most of the hobbies that I developed were in my last 2 years. I never knew that I could be good at pencil sketching; playing the harmonica, blogging, graphology etc., all these hobbies just popped up to me while I was watching YouTube and scrolling through Facebook. At first, I just gave a try and later I did those with ease without being much conscious. I’d advise my younger self to get to know this much sooner than I ever did.

Spend time reading more books every day: The first ever book I read was “The Theory of Everything” by Stephen Hawking. It was at the age of 17. Having to read books has made me familiar with most words and helped me to learn many words too. It kept me calm, made me feel more confident to talk to others without any kind of hesitation.

Don’t be lazy and waste time: I was someone who was and is lazy. I tend to waste time a lot. Compared to the days when I was a teenager, now I find myself occupied with many things to learn and grow.

Help the person who really really needs it: I don’t know if I have some sort of a disorder. I tend to help a lot of people even when I know that they can do it on their own. Just about a year ago, helping someone who was really close to me ended with a mayhem. It literally backfired on me and I ended up taking the blame. I would strictly advise my younger self to help the ones who can’t and guide the ones who can.

Listen to Mom and help her: I am so very ignorant when my mother asks me to some chores at home. She has to tell me over and over before I could get it done. An advice my little self, listen to Mom;-)

Never feel remorse over a cut of friendship: As I grew up I never had any good friends. The ones I had as friends made me like a slave. Even now, I don’t know how to maintain a good friendship over a long period of time. Only my 3 true friends are with me for the past 5-6 years. Whenever I make friends, it ends within a year. That feeling of failure in friendship has made me feel remorse most of the time and still, it haunts me. To my younger self, I’d want you to be stronger because you have a mother and over the few years to come, you’ll meet with your caring Big sister and 3 wonderful friends.

Pray, meditate and exercise: It was just recently that I was aware of the power of prayer, meditate and exercise. Adding these to your life will add numerous gifts and presents in your journey of life.

I would like to end it here. I am still in my 20s, I believe that there are much more things to follow and give priorities.

Credits to my good friend Tshering from “The journey with Tshering- My perfectly imperfect journey” who made me think and rethink to write this. It was thanks to her and to her post “Advice to my younger self” that I got an idea to write this.


4 thoughts on “Advice to my adolescent

  1. That’s beautiful Vinay. Thank you for writing on this. It was an interesting read and always good to learn from someone else’s journey. My hope and prayers for you is that you keep growing and learning. All the best!!

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