The Traditional Way

The old traditional way of connecting to people is almost been deceased. The digital era may give us all the software platform that helps us to connect with people but it is not as good as having a traditional heartfelt conversation looking eye to eye. In my perspective, the relationship I see nowadays are very troubled and full of misunderstandings. There is no proper communication or the transfer of emotions from one person to another. All the talks are done only via apps and many messaging platforms.

Moreover, kids, these days are very addicted to phones and tablets. They spend their time playing games on it. While when we were kids we used to go to playgrounds and get some physical workout by playing under the sun. The good old traditional way getting out of the house to play and having deeply felt conversations with our loved ones is becoming extinct.

Having a face to face conversation lessens the misunderstandings between people and promotes the love of each other. Getting up, playing outside will increase your overall stamina and keep you in good shape. The traditional old ways will always be the best.


This post renders no offence to anyone. It is only my perspective.

Via Daily Prompt: Traditional


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