On the verge of life

All of us fear death. No matter how powerful we are, how popular we are or how rich we are, we all are terrified of dying. After all, life is certainly between B and D, birth and death. It is the choices that we make in the course of life that decides how pleasant our life will be.

Nobody is sure of the future, everyone is unsure what happens the next minute. Due to some misfortunes, there are people who have lost their lives. Many have died proudly serving the nation. Some with diseases. Others with accidents and suicides. I have heard that only on the deathbeds that people regret the most. Like the great Alexander the conqueror who put forth three conditions before his death. Most just regret at the very end about the wonders that they could have done when they were younger. But it is too late.

A group of four friends went on a trip. It was a hill station. It is considered one of the good spots in the south to visit. There are two routes to the destination. One is a 72km stretch and the other is a 32km road that runs uphill with lots of bends. The ride and stay at the destination went as planned. It seems that the return to the home town was rather fortunate or unfortunate. They decided to take the short route downhill(32km). As they travelled down the breaks of the car started to heat up for unknown reasons. But they did have the control of the car and stopped it at a halfway point downhill for the breaks to cool down.

They got out of the car, for their surprise they heard a voice call for HELP!! The voice got a bit louder on the second call. It was a voice of a person who was screaming for help. They looked down, it was a from a steep hill. 60-75 foot down. There was a man who whose lower half was crushed by his bike, with multiple fractures on both his legs and one of his arms. The ambulance was called immediately and the people there helped out to take him from that steep hill and put him in the ambulance. It took nearly an hour for the people to rescue him from that place.

When he was asked about the incident, he said that a car hit him and he lost control and fell downhill. It was a hit and run. The man was screaming for help for 28 hours. He spent an entire day and an entire night in that petrifying, spine-chilling forest. His will was stronger than ever. If it was us or anyone else, we would have given up. But he fought and had hope and faith that someone will come to his aid. Finally, after 28 hours, his prayers were answered. He was lucky that he didn’t hit any of the big rocks and his head was not injured. It was a good thing he was wearing his helmet. But really, hats off to that person for not giving up. 

By God’s grace, he is fine now. The only thing is he has to undergo a surgery before he could walk again.

There are lots of things this teaches us. We ignore the words of our parents when they ask us not to ride carelessly or go very far. We never think as to why our parents and siblings ask us not to go there.

When you think of what thoughts that person had when he was stuck in the forest the entire day and night without being able to move and bugs and worms crawling all over him, it is really horrifying.

The fear of death or on the verge of death can really teach us a lot. Be good. Forgive your friends. Drive safe and drive careful.


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