Grit: A Vision

"I can't afford it", the commonly used phrase among most of the people today. It also shows the mindset and vision of people. Having the grit to move forward means that you have a broad vision and a big dream in your life. In the words of the financial expert, Robert Kiyosaki. By saying "I can't... Continue Reading →

Someone’s Life

Whenever I hear the phrase “Someone’s life”, the first that occurs to me is "teacher". The next is "me". The first person who is not blood-related in any way, who cares and loves like a parent is a Teacher. From the first day of school to the last day of graduation, they are the guides, influencers, who create... Continue Reading →

The commitment competence

So many of us want a great life and an amazingly satisfying career. We all aspire to become a person who will create a huge impact in this world. But, we do not tend to unleash the self-discipline and the commitment to get there. Each person born on the face of Earth has the power to change... Continue Reading →

My academic twist

History repeats itself until you change. It is basically that you're caught in a loop that never ends until you change how you look at it or just change yourself or the stuff around you to overcome the situation. In my very own life, I was caught in a loop for 2 years. I never... Continue Reading →

Top things the rich do

Many of us are trying to transcend from being mediocre to rich. These few one-liners could help. The rich seldom watch TVs. The rich eat healthy and nutritious food. The rich focus on investing and increasing their income. The rich always wake up early. The rich are athletes in their own way. The rich take showers often. Rich... Continue Reading →

An icon’s legacy

A global icon who shaped the world with technology and media. One of the creative and daring CEOs ever to live, Steven Paul Jobs. He was an excellent visionary. For over 30 years computers, movies, music and mobile phones were transformed by Apple's Steve Jobs. Only a few CEOs in history suffered such painful setbacks to finally end... Continue Reading →

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