The Traditional Way

The old traditional way of connecting to people is almost been deceased. The digital era may give us all the software platform that helps us to connect with people but it is not as good as having a traditional heartfelt conversation looking eye to eye. In my perspective, the relationship I see nowadays are very... Continue Reading →

Dream’s Cremation

In the present world, 99% of the population abandon their dreams and bury it. As kids, we grow up with many dreams. We wished to become a pilot, a captain of the ship, an entrepreneur or a CEO of a company, etc., But, because of the factors around us, we tend to bury our goals letting... Continue Reading →

True Friends

The very best phrase that I love and admire is "Family", the next phrase in my list is "Best friends".  It is a blessing to have best friends. It all starts off with a stranger or strangers. You don't know anything about them at all. At the end, they turn up to be like your own family.... Continue Reading →

Grit: A Vision

"I can't afford it", the commonly used phrase among most of the people today. It also shows the mindset and vision of people. Having the grit to move forward means that you have a broad vision and a big dream in your life. In the words of the financial expert, Robert Kiyosaki. By saying "I can't... Continue Reading →

Ordinary People??

My triumphant mentors consistently told me, "You can be more than what you think you can be, the only difference between ordinary people and extraordinary people is just the word extra." We all are born with the characteristics of what a human requires. No one is ever born with super powers. We all come from the... Continue Reading →

Someone’s Life

Whenever I hear the phrase “Someone’s life”, the first that occurs to me is "teacher". The next is "me". The first person who is not blood-related in any way, who cares and loves like a parent is a Teacher. From the first day of school to the last day of graduation, they are the guides, influencers, who create... Continue Reading →

Big Sister

Family! A pleasing word that everyone loves. At times of happiness, fun, troubles and sorrows; there will be family first to share with. The funny, sad, hurtful moments we have with our siblings will be the most memorable. A sister, a big sister is someone who is our second mother in the family. She is... Continue Reading →


It is said that you become the average of the 5 people with whom you spend time with. Spend time with like minds, positive people; you become like them. Spend time with negative, pessimistic people; you become like them. The people with whom you spend your time with are like magnets. They attract you towards... Continue Reading →

The bright side

The sunny bright days are just ahead if you're ready and willing to work for it. Your dreams of visiting that place you always wanted. Having that drink on a warm and blissful sunny day as you share your triumph and happiness with your friends or your loved one. Become a billionaire, retire early; who's gonna... Continue Reading →

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