WHY YOU NEED TO THlNK DIFFERENTLY TO BECOME A BILLIONAIRE                  MONEY Average people look for ways to spend money. Billionaires look for ways to invest money.              INVESTING Average people invest just a little. Billionaires know that investing is the key to... Continue Reading →

Is your life jam-packed?

A professor of a university wanted to teach his students the value of time and priority. To the class, he brought an empty jar, few golf balls, a small bag of pebbles, sand and a bottle of beverage. He put the empty jar on the table and filled with golf balls. He then asked his students if... Continue Reading →

The Traditional Way

The old traditional way of connecting to people is almost been deceased. The digital era may give us all the software platform that helps us to connect with people but it is not as good as having a traditional heartfelt conversation looking eye to eye. In my perspective, the relationship I see nowadays are very... Continue Reading →

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